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Our method for professional translation

Professional translation is crucial to internationalize your business.

ELISSA CORP SERVICES, combines the quality standards of a traditional translation agency with the expertise of a web content agency and the efficiency of web design tools. To offer you the best translation quality, our work is based on a strict method.

Legal translation

When translating a legal document, the translator must understand the exact meaning of a text that has been developed in another language, based on a specific legal system, and must return it in a different language, all the while ensuring its legibility and understanding for a reader who relates to a whole different legal system. We distinguish between non-certified translation and certified translation.



Hold a degree in translation
Translate into their native language
Have significant experience in your sector

Working languages

Contact us for a translation, interpretation, or proofreading quote today!

German - English (CAN / US / UK) – Arabic – Persian – Bulgarian - Simplified Chinese - Traditional Chinese – Korean – Croatian – Danish - Spanish – Estonian – Finnish - French – Greek – Hungarian - Italian- Japanese – Latvian – Lithuanian – Dutch – Norwegian- Polish - Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Slovak – Swedish - Czech – Turk - Ukrainian


For all of your documents, texts, websites, contracts, communications material, etc., to and from all languages. We can deliver perfect translations for you.


Here, the translator goes a step further by adapting the original text to the culture of the country of the target language, while being mindful of cultural nuances.

Proof-reading and revision

Checking spelling, grammar, interpretation, typography and syntax requires time, patience and a faultless command of the language.

Graphic design and desktop publishing

Effective communication implies a graphic design component, generally complementary to translation with checking text integration.


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ELISSA CORPORATION SERVICES handles your translation projects 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We have an online platform devoted exclusively to your organization where orders can be placed and dealt with outside office hours.


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