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About Elissa


Our aim is to meet your translation needs with effective multi-lingual solutions.

Since starting its translation work in 2010, ELISSA CORPORATION SERVICES has offered clients a twofold guidance and production service. The way we operate allows us to be both generalist and specialist; expert outsourcing means that the agency can cover all language exchanges and sectors, in any scope, scale, or level of complexity.

The communications side of the agency allows us to advance further in the Translation and localization process by taking on the marketing or technical aspect of translating, be that online, audiovisual or in print.

Translation and localization of documents represents around 80% of our business, and interpretation around 20%. Last year alone, Atenao translated over 15 million words for more than one thousand different clients, including some of the largest companies in France, Europe and around the world.

worldwide clients
Our clients are our reason for being.
Live Projects
We serve big and small firms across the globe with our competitive translation.

Scientific and Medical Translations

Scientific translation concerns the natural or «hard» sciences. The technical nature of the project requires extreme vigilance. The quality of the end result all depends on the experience of the dedicated translator, their linguistic precision and the processes they implement.

Marketing Translations

Translating a communications or operational marketing campaign for a foreign market, or transferring communications from one country to another, requires a specific approach different to that of simple translation. This type of task is “localization”.

Technical translations

The industrial sector uses extremely precise and specific vocabulary. The accurate description of each term, concept and measurement is vital. The quality of a technical translation can be gauged by its precision, clarity, coherence and conciseness.

24/7 translation

Would you like to order your translations anytime, anywhere? How about bundling all your translation requirements together (from foreign subsidiaries or expatriate staff for example)? We offer clients worldwide our 24/7 translation service via a dedicated, customized and secure on-demand online platform.

Over 300 clients around the world: from startup firms to international market leaders
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ELISSA CORPORATION SERVICES handles your translation projects 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We have an online platform devoted exclusively to your organization where orders can be placed and dealt with outside office hours.


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