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El Gouna Film Festival: Egypt’s first animated feature took 20 years to make

El Gouna Film Festival: Egypt’s first animated feature took 20 years to make

After nearly 20 years in the making, Egypt’s first animated feature movie hit the big screen on Monday.

The event in Egypt saw cast members climb to the stage to extended applause worthy of the years it took to make the animated feature.

Those who couldn’t make it for the reception were remembered, including the late famed actress Amina Rizk, who was known for playing the role of the caring mother as she had in this film, and Saeed Saleh, a renowned theatre stage actor in Egypt.

“I am extremely happy with this movie and it was a surprise for me,” said Abdel Rahman Abou Zahra to Euronews on the red carpet, he voiced the part of the sorcerer for the feature 17 years ago, and said he couldn’t remember the name of the film when he was told it would be released this year.

“I recorded my voice when I was a young man,” he exclaimed.

So why did the movie take so long to make? According to the executive producer of the movie, Alabbas Bin Alabbas, it was ground-breaking as the first of its kind from Egypt.

“When you start a project that has no foundation there are challenges at every level,” said Bin Alabbas, who had to put the production of the animated film on hold regularly, to create other traditional TV series, from which he would use its profits to fund his digital dream.

He and his team had to train animators to be able to create a professional standard of visual movement for characters and action-filled battle scenes, with sword fighting and stampeding elephants, which he says included more than two million drawings.

“No one had created an animated film so at every stage there was a challenge, there was discovery, but because we started with a dream and a bold dream, a dream has no boundaries,” he said.

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