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Audio and video interpreting

8 great reasons for trying it

“Talk to the whole world in your own language… without leaving your office”

  • Develop your business abroad without hiring multilingual staff.
  • The guarantee to convey your strategic presentation as accurately as you require.
  • Significantly reduce your travel expenses
  • Participate in more convenient face-to-face conversations without compromising quality.
  • Hold live discussions about documents and share your applications with the whole world without having to travel.
  • Never worry again about your foreign language ability in business.
  • Form working bonds with foreign partners just as solidly as with partners in your own country.
  • Make yourself perfectly understood, regardless of your colleagues’ language and location.

One-to-one, or two-way session

One-to-one sessions are the most common way to conduct live, real-time conversations. Two remote participants, or two remote groups of participants, talk in their respective language while a remote Atenao interpreter translates the words of each participant into both languages.

The participants hear the other party’s voice in the background and the interpreter’s voice at a louder level. The result is highly convenient and can be compared to that of a professional voice-over.

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ELISSA CORPORATION SERVICES handles your translation projects 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We have an online platform devoted exclusively to your organization where orders can be placed and dealt with outside office hours.


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